Verified Customer Reviews

"The best sports biography I've ever read."

"Honestly, I thought it was the best sports biography I've ever read, and one of the best autobiographies. And I do a lot of reading, plus I write for a living.

Richard Simpson - UK


"Without a doubt, the best book that I have read about our sport."

"I just want to congratulate you and thank you for such a fantastic book.

"Thank you for sharing an honest and unbiased look at the actions and interactions taking place at the highest level during what I and many others feel was the golden era of our sport.

"The book is first class physically from its heavy binding to its thick glossy pages. That quality continues with the length and detail, as well as the style of writing.

"I’ve always said that the difference between a World Champion and the tenth-place rider has to do with so much more than raw speed or even talent to some extent. As an ex-racer myself, I felt for you each time that you suffered a setback. Of course, life is full of 'what-ifs'.

"Through your stories, I was able to imagine myself as a GP racer for just a moment and came away feeling like I know you".

It is without a doubt, the best book that I have read about our sport".

Ray Troyer - USA


"It's worth the money, Believe me!!"

Duncan Long - UK


"The very best motorsport-related book I've ever read, by miles!  Awesome book!"

Andy Whitehouse - UK


"Even better than people described!"

"Such an easy-to-read book. Super-insightful and with some really funny stories too.  It's even better than people had described!"

Tim Embleton - Australia


"By far the best book I've ever read. Worth every penny"

"This is, by far, the best book I've ever read.  I literally could not put it down.  If only I could have been a little older in the '80s to appreciate the golden era of MX. Worth every penny!"

Scott Balsillie - UK


"Amazing book!"

"It's an amazing book! And while it would be worth the price for all of the incredible photos alone, your in-depth honesty and humility, and your obvious gratefulness to be a part of that golden era of grand prix motocross is worth even more. Well done!"

Davey Coombs - USA


"I cannot remember owning a book of such quality!"

"I cannot remember owning a book of such quality, and believe me, I have a substantial library.  Reading your book, and the way you have eloquently laid out your story has brought back some fantastic memories for me."

Paul Gibbons - New Zealand


"I'd buy it again tomorrow"

"10/10.  It cost a bit, but I'd buy it again tomorrow!"

David Williams - UK


"Easily the best"

"I've bought all the motocross books for 50 years, including those from Kurt Nicoll, Jamie Dobb, Jeff Smith, Torsten Hallman, Gary Bailey, Malcolm Smith, John Penton and all of Frank Melling's. Yours is easily the best.

"I thought it was very well written and my favourite part was how you discovered motocross when not coming from a motocross family. Also, to read what it was REALLY like behind the scenes of 1980's 500 GP's: stuff that you never, ever read about in the papers and magazines of the time".

Richard Winn - USA


"Brilliantly written"

"What a fantastic book Rob! I could not put it down. Brilliantly written with fantastic photos throughout! You're a legend!"

Steve Harwood - UK


"Brilliant read"

"Brilliant read and photos. I'm on my second lap!"

Jeremy Harris - UK


"Of all the motocross books I own, there’s nothing like this"

"If like me, you’re a member of most motocross pages on social media, surely you can’t help but have noticed 'The Inside Line - Racing the 500cc world championship' book by Rob Andrews.

"It doesn’t seem long ago since he threw it open to us motocross obsessed nutters to see if a book would be well-received. Before he had written his first word, my money was on the table in anticipation of learning more about the amazing 80's era of 500cc motocross.

"Reading it really made me appreciate how much effort was needed to ride the world championships. Success back then was difficult to achieve when you think who Rob was bar to bar with waiting for the gate to drop. How many world champions in that pack of 40? Malherbe, Carlqvist, Thorpe, Jobe, Geboers. Consider then, if you were lining up, you’d earned the right - there by speed and ability. Being on the line meant you were fast.

"His writing style drew me in and put me on my fantasy starting line - the closest my inner childhood self could get me to being in the mix. It wasn’t all glamour either. Hard work sometimes rewarded only disappointment with machinery, funding and colleagues.

"However, it wasn’t all bad. How about having your best season in 1986, considered to be THE best year in 500cc Motocross and earning a factory ride along the way. I think there were cruel twists of fate that deprived greater success rather than his ability. Rob really gets across his love for the sport and his privilege of being in the 500cc world championship in that era.

"The Inside Line is £40 plus postage. That gets you a seriously high quality book. Go into any high street book shop and maybe you won’t find many books with this price tag. But as Mr Royce said of his cars, “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten”. The book is 400+ litho printed pages on silk art paper. This wouldn’t have meant much to me before, but think of the small photograph sections in the middle a typical biography. That’s the feel and quality throughout this entire book! This book is value for money. I’m glad he’s opted to go all out on a premium book.

"We’re given almost 400 quality photos (in a 400 page book - some ratio) by some of the top photographers, including Ray Archer, Jack Burnicle, Ray Mayes and more, and also including some gems from his late father Ron. Even the occasional family album photo is welcome and tells more than a thousand words. There’s no reading about a part of his career or memory and having to wait a hundred pages to see a correlating photo.

"Of all the motocross books I own, there’s nothing like this. A must-have in any motocross enthusiast's collection. It’s a pleasure to own".

 Barry Dyson - UK


"Loved the book!"

"Loved the book! So much detail and very well written. I admire your dedication to your mx career and also to writing this book"

Ryan Newman - UK


"A rare and impressive achievement"

"Rob's book is a rare and impressive achievement, as you’d expect from someone who made his own way into the elite of 80’s 500 GPs.

"It’s always nice knowing your money is going to the person who produced the goods, in more ways than one"

Robert Jennings - UK


"Superb book"

"Rob Andrews' book has totally absorbed me for the last few days since it arrived in the post. As Perry Leask said, if you're an 80's Motocross fan or rider you have to buy this book.

"It took me right back down memory lane. I laughed a lot, and like another fellow Top 40 rider has said, the Epilogue brought a lump to my throat too.

"You achieved way more than most riders will ever dream about. I know only too well how hard it is to even get on the start line of a Grand Prix, let alone achieve the results you did. I also know too well the complexities of dealing with Uncle Alec!

"Congratulations on a great career and for writing such a superb book. Go and buy it Motocross fans"

Julian Clarke - UK


"Bloody great read!"

"The fact that I read the book in two days is testament to how engaging it is.

"Thank you for your heartfelt and honest look back at your career.  BLOODY GREAT READ AND THANKS AGAIN!"

Dale Dyer - UK


"Describes exactly how it was back in the day"

"A very good book Rob, congratulations! You’re a great wordsmith. As a former GP competitor myself, your book describes exactly how it was back in the day. You’ve captured it all perfectly. An awesome time. I’ve just finished chapter 17 - Namur: love it!"

Robert Scott - Australia


"A wonderful read!"

"It's a wonderful read. Proper full colour large images and iconic ones at that. I love the layout and the writing style".

James Williams - UK


"Amazing writing and photography!"

"Bloody hell! If you have ANY interest in the history of the sport then stop what you are doing and buy a copy of Rob Andrews' book immediately.

"Amazing writing and photography of the Golden Era that I doubt will ever be surpassed. Thanks Rob!"

Alan Woods - UK


"A must-have!"

"Received my signed copy of The Inside Line today. What a Gentleman!

"Flicking through this is a treasure trove of photography from the Golden Age of MX.  Rob has a talent for writing and perfectly capturing the audience's imagination.

"This is a must have for any MX enthusiast".

David Libby - UK


"A beautifully put together piece of work"

"Been a long time in the making and it showed.  A fantastic read from cover to cover.

"A beautifully put together piece of work that I found hard to put down, and a really good insight into what it took to get to the top. Plus some truths that you would never believe thrown in for good measure.

"Loved the layout too. Relevant pictures to compliment the writing made it an easy read rather than wading through page after page with a few pics in the middle.

"As with most things, you get what you pay for. It's not cheap, but it is well worth it".

Phil Gee - UK


"What an insight!"

"What an insight this book is. I really love the honesty with which it’s written. Takes me back to those halcyon days. Congratulations Rob on producing in my opinion a ‘Best Seller’ for all True MX fans".

Jim Brookman - UK


"What an amazing life to have lived!"

"Just finished reading it. Great book!  What an amazing life to have lived!"

Craig Smolen - USA


"Very well written"

"Just finished reading your book and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it! Very well written and the pictures are excellent! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us!!

Douglas Southward - USA


"A fixating read"

"I can assure you the book is a fixating read. One of those books you just can’t put down."

Matthew Williams - UK


"Worth every penny"

"I don’t usually enjoy autobiographies but this is something different. I don’t think Rob intended to write it biographically but it made sense to write it chronologically through his career. I can now really appreciate the effort it took for Rob and his fellow riders, whatever their level or success.

"I was amazed at the amount of personal driving between races he and his wife Claire undertook. At times, travelling with a young baby. I loved to read how there was a friendly buzz throughout the weekend wafting through the camp deep into the evenings before a race day.

"To read about this era of motocross from Rob’s point of view, gives me much more of an appreciation for what it took to compete during the 80’s. Not all glamour by any means but I took the sense of enjoyment and to some extent, privilege of being in the 500cc World motocross championships.

"I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Namur. Ten years ago, I’d never heard of it. But in the last few years, I arranged a trip for us to have a long weekend there for our anniversary. Clearly the smells have long gone, but as Rob was explaining section by section what it was like to race, I was taken back to our track walk. Parc ferme, under the bridge, the double, the cobbles, the steps and back to the citadel, I was there again.

"I could go on more about this book. I just have to say how much I enjoyed it. It’s a quality book and I don’t just mean the content and the writing. In fact, until you hold it in your hands and turn the pages you don’t realise the physical weight and quality of the paper used. It genuinely is worth every penny.

"Thank you Rob for taking us through your years."

Lisa Dyson - UK