Quality & Design

‘The Inside Line: Racing the 500cc World Motocross Championship’ has attracted outstanding reviews for its content from both press and customers.  However, ‘The Inside Line’ is not just about the storyline.  It also sets a new benchmark for quality, materials, and production values too.  This sets it apart from other motorsports biographies, and creates a publication that you will own with pride.

With uncompromising quality, design, and detail, this 25cm x 17cm (9.75” x 6.75”) ‘Coffee table’ specification book is nearly 3cm (1.2”) thick and is a true, heavyweight (1.25kg) epic, unique in the world of motocross books.

Take a closer look at some of its exclusive details.




Sleek and elegant, the ‘ultra-matte’ laminated hardback cover is lavish, soft, and velvety to the touch.





The handsome black cover and spine are complemented by striking chrome foil logos.





At over 400 pages, ‘The Inside Line’ is almost twice the page count and thickness of many other motorsport biographies.



Typically, most biographies (left) are printed in black and white, on cheap, low-spec paper stock, with a handful of small colour photo sections at best.

In contrast, ‘The Inside Line’ (right) is lithographically printed in full colour throughout, using the highest quality silk art paper.




‘The Inside Line’
features outstanding imagery with nearly 400 superb pictures from some of the most celebrated motocross photographers in the sport.




With striking, contemporary design, ‘The Inside Line’ raises the bar for motorsport biographies.





‘The Inside Line’ also has a robust, high quality thread sewn binding for long-life and added durability.




Each and every book is personally signed by the author.