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"As a pro motocrosser in the golden age of 500cc grand prix racing, Rob Andrews literally had an inside line to what the life and times were like in those halcyon days of the 1980s. His experiences and memories from those glorious years of globetrotting and racing against the true giants of world motocross, as well as his ability to share them on the printed page, make The Inside Line a wonderful addition to every motorsports enthusiast's bookshelf.

"Add in the remarkable images from the sport's most recognized photographers and Andrews' racing memoir goes from a must-read to a motocross masterpiece."

Davey Coombs

Racer X magazine, USA



"The vast majority of people who write books about the past get their information secondhand from others. Their version of history may be tainted by romanticizing the past, inaccuracies passed down through time or over-active imaginations. When I read stories about races I was at, I always cringe at how much the truth is bent. When I read pieces about motocross stars of the past I often shake my head that they never mention what a scoundrel the guy really was.

"What I like most about Rob Andrews' 'Inside Line' is that he was there. He doesn't gloss over the truth. He tells what it was like to be a professional grand prix racer, from clueless privateer to factory rider (without any puffery). I love the way Rob threads each chapter into the next. I was captivated and, at each chapter's end, I started anew to find out 'what happens next'.

"I was tempted to read this book in one sitting, but I wanted to savor each adventure. I rang true to me."

Jody Weisel

Motocross Action magazine, USA



"Consuming, engaging, engrossing, fascinating, gripping, immersing, interesting, intriguing."

Anthony Sutton

Dirt Bike Rider magazine, UK



"Compulsive reading. Rob's smashed it with this book!"

Sean Lawless

Trials & Motocross news, UK




"A unique warts-and-all insight into the golden age of GP motocross that every fan should read.

"From politics of GP racing to a mega cash scam, his love affair with Namur and the real story of a factory ride, Rob's book pulls no punches. 

"It's the first book to really tell the truth of the highs and lows of a professional motocross racer. And it's told with humour, passion and humility. A must-read."

Adam Duckworth

Motohead magazine, UK


"The Inside Line’ might be the most detailed and comprehensive motocross book to-date. Andrews’ first-hand, absorbing and very readable account of life all the way up the motocross spectrum and to the very heights of Grand Prix racing are a goldmine for fans that remember a 1980-90s yesteryear and for later generations of MXGP followers curious about an era where the sport itself seemed so different.  

"This is an autobiography - and a glossy and well designed one at that with a range of unmissable photographs - but Andrews provides a wide orientation with his story. He is often self-critical and frank, such as his tale of dealing with concussion and issues that still affect him to this day, so there are plenty of anecdotes and description about tracks and riders, some forgotten, some not.

"He admits that he “may not have been the greatest, but raced against the greatest” and that is the crux of this publication; ultimately it is much more than just his life story, it is a revelatory ‘lid-opening’ on this spectacular niche sport and a special epoch. This kind of narrative has long been overdue." 

Adam Wheeler
On-track Off-road magazine, Spain




“What a job, what a lifestyle, being a factory rider on a 500cc MX bike!  Well, it was a bloody tough life as Rob Andrews tells in his book ‘The Inside Line’.  If you want to know what it was really like in the ‘80s on the 500 GP trail then here it is, in fantastic detail, with a truckload of great photos.  You won’t find a more detailed account of the ups and downs of life a pro motocrosser. A great read!”

Ken Smith
VMX magazine, Australia




"With almost 400 pages, great stories and wonderful pictures, Rob takes us back to the glorious 1980s and puts a smile on our faces. We REALLY like this masterpiece!"

Mathias Schräder
Cross Magazin, Germany 

 "The Inside Line is without doubt the most detailed book on the ins and outs of a grand prix rider. I've been visiting GP's since 1968 and I know a lot about the sport, but to read about the experience through the eyes of a sportsman is something else.

"The chapter about the GP of Belgium at the Citadelle of Namur is fantastic.  I almost burst into tears when I read it.

"The Inside Line is a must for motocross enthusiasts who want to understand a grand prix campaign from the rider's point of view"

Danny Hermans
MX Vintage magazine, Belgium



Roger De Coster
Five-time world champion
Motorsports Director, KTM / Husqvarna North America